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Ark Civilization Servers has been around since 2019 and we had PvP, PvPvE and PvE servers. We had about 150+ players on the PvP and PvPvE servers and we are at the beginning with the PvE server and we had about 40+ players at the time.

Unfortunately we had to pause our servers due to moving to another state and other personal problems in early 2022 and we are returning now. We would love to be able to grow our community again, in a different and more professional way than before and we really hope to be able to count on all of you for this!

Our server is currently located in a Professional DataCenter with high performance machines which provides stability, lag reduction and better game quality experience. These machines cost a little high, including other expenses we have with software, tools and licenses that we use to offer all the resources we currently have and that we may include in the future, for the good of the server. So our server can stay up and running and everyone has a great Ark experience.

With that in mind, we created several packages that players can choose in return for their donations. This will help keep the servers online and growing.

What are you waiting for to be part of the future largest community of private servers that best meet the demands of your players?
For more information and access to our current servers, just click on the link below:
ArkCiv PvE: http://discord.gg/hcYebyT4v9
ArkCiv PvPvE: http://discord.gg/rekE5JXCmn 

Be a supporter of our work, helping us to keep our servers up and running with the best quality possible.

Our servers are kept on dedicated machines in professional data centers, we have support and service from specialized technicians who help us keep our machines in optimal condition and free from any type of hacker attack or DDoS.
Other than that, we have the care of the server ADM, which keeps everything perfectly configured and giving the best support that any Ark Survivor Evolved server has ever had in and out of the game.
Our services depend entirely on donations from our players so that we can continue with this quality service and service, in return, we offer packages, VIPs and other services as a thank you for these donations.

We hope you are happy and having fun with our servers and don't forget to always send your feedback on our discord!

• All purchases made through this site are entirely virtual and without any physical or real value. Packages, VIPs and other services are benefits delivered on a private game server, which allow the player to have some extra functions. All donations are made at the discretion of the player and in the act of donation the player also agrees to be aware that any donation made will not be refundable.
• It is noteworthy that any dissatisfaction on the part of the player will not be changed, the purchase through our store is final.
• We are also not responsible for any type of loss that the player may suffer in the game, whether due to an error (famous crash) of the game or the server, or even attacks from other enemy players.
• Donations to the server do not entitle any player to rule breaking or any kind of privilege, all players are treated equally.
• Store prices may change without notice, therefore, no addition will be made in case of donations in previous days of promotions or changes to items in packages or values thereof.
• Any and all donations made are specifically redirected to the server itself and its maintenance and upgrade costs. The more donations we receive, the faster our server will grow more and more.
• Make sure you are purchasing your order for the correct server! Errors in the purchase, can be resolved upon proof of donation for what you want to be purchased, by opening a ticket in our Discord and may take up to 72 hours to be resolved.